CCM Roundup – May 27, 2008

I apologize for the delay in this week’s roundup; I was offline for most of yesterday. For this week, here are three CCM releases that I would like you to consider:

1. I’m Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli. This is the closest thing to a summer anthem that I can think of for this year so far. It’s fun, it’s hip, and the piano and guitar lines are excellent. Battistelli (how’s that for a family name?) is also a looker, which makes it even easier to like this song about surrendering to God’s sovereignty.

2. This is Home by Switchfoot. Lifted off the OST of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, this mid-tempo guitar-driven anthem of enjoying the best of what life has to offer boasts of a sing-along chorus and a soaring bridge. This is Home is already receiving well-deserved airplay on the Disney Channel, so good for em.

3. The Way That You Love Me by Anthony Evans. This isn’t a new track, but I stumbled into it and I tell you that you HAVE to hear this piano-driven ballad. You have to. Evans’ pure tenor is irresistible in its emotion, and I know anyone with AC inclinations will enjoy The Way That You Love Me.

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