Define love (without using cliches)

iloveyou.jpgMae tagged me with a new meme: define love without using cliches. (Oh, man, but cliches are fun!)

Anyway, here’s my definition of love.

Love is what stops you from thinking of doing bad things to a wife who has talked about nothing else but Edward Cullen for the past three weeks.

Love is what keeps you from entertaining all the wrong thoughts when your four-year-old enters your room with the express intention of waking up his sleeping baby sister.

Love is what keeps you getting up at three in the morning to make a bottle of milk for said baby sister when you’ve had only two hours of sleep.

Love is what will motivate said wife, said son, and said baby sister to forgive me for this blog entry.

Love is what motivates me to tag my new friend Vera, my brother in Christ Ariel, and my wife.

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