Twilight and Tempura Caterpillar Roll

Night before last, I drove my wife Cathy to meet up with her best friend Jenna. Their objective: talk about Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. My objective: to order a Tempura Japanese Grill Caterpillar Roll!

To you uninitiated, the Caterpillar Roll at Tempura is a sushi roll containing unagi (eel), cream cheese, and mango, wrapped in rice and nori, and rolled around wasabi powder. That’s why it’s green on the outside. The explosion of textures and flavors in the mouth, from the spicy burst of wasabi to the creaminess of the cheese to the sweetness of the mango, made even more delightful by the saltiness of the soy sauce – Kikkoman, of course – and more wasabi…

Cathy and Jenna talked for an hour and a half about Edward and Bella. Me, I just enjoyed my Caterpillar Roll from Tempura Japanese Grill along Timog Avenue. It was a good evening.


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