Welcome, Duke!

saintbernardballoondog.jpg Two days ago, Cathy and I bought a Saint Bernard balloon dog from Hobbes and Landes at TriNoma. Cathy’s been wanting one for quite some time, and I knew that getting her one would make her extremely happy. Nathan is also quite a big fan of balloons, so this purchase – while potentially extravagant, because each of these balloon animals costs close to PHP500 each – offers so much joy to my wife and son that it would be worth it.

The way Cathy reacted when she bought it was absolutely priceless; Nathan’s reaction was similarly incredulous. As we walked through the mall with Duke – that’s the name we gave him; the initial name was Baron – at least six people asked us where we bought it. This dog is an attention grabber, I can tell you!

There are around eleven more balloon pets, including a terrier, a pug, a cat, a duck, a pig, even a T-Rex. LOL Hobbes and Landes. Go buy yourself a pet.

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