I could get used to this!

Ganns at Burger KingSo I’ve completed my first week as Communications Officer at Victory Christian Fellowship – Fort Bonifacio, a thriving Philippine church at which I serve. The first week wasn’t easy – adjustment never is – but the men and women with whom I serve have made it so incredibly easy.

After all the gloom and doom of the past three weeks, getting over Jay and Sandy’s deaths, adjusting to a new job, dealing with a strangely high amount of weight gain, and basically feeling all blah, there’s nothing like diving into God-work feet first to get your mind off everything.

I also hold firm to a promise, sent to me months ago by Diane Sipin, a lovely Fort friend whose acquaintance I look forward to making again, now that I’m serving at the Fort: “Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out… God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.” (Rom 12:2, The Message)

After two and a half years in the industry, I’m getting used to a new culture. As I type this, I’m seated at a comfy couch at the Burger King Mall of Asia, where there is free WiFi and delicious Cheesy Tots! (Hash browns with cheddar and mozzarella stuffing. No wonder I’m gaining weight.) It’s my rest day, and I’ve chosen to spend it with some quality “me” time at the Mall of Asia while I cover my wife in prayer for an extra-big day at work today. Air-conditioning, free WiFi, a nice cold soda, cheesy tots… I could so get used to this! Hahaha!

They say ministry is a 24-7 job, and while I’d like to believe that isn’t true, I’m certainly doing it right now. I’ve spent the past hour creating new content for the Victory Fort Bonifacio website, uploading photos onto the Multiply website of the church in Makati, and finalizing an initial proposal for the Communications Ministry volunteers’ team. (I’m honestly stoked for this team! There are so many amazing people on it, and I can’t wait to get started making amazing things for God with them.) My absolute genius colleague JayJay completed this sicksicksick video for the CSI Jerusalem series, and we’re gonna do even more awesome things by the time we’re through.

It’s supposed to be a rest day, and you know what? It is. This is my rest. I am enjoying what I’m doing, 100%, and I can’t believe I’m here! Lounging around on a Monday, doing work for God, getting some quality “me” time and just waiting for Cathy to have amazing news when I meet up with her later.

The downside, technically, is I’m not with Nathan or Nicki, but you know what? There will be many more Mondays (and Thursdays, ideally, my other rest day, since Saturdays and Sundays are workdays for me), and I know I’ll have time to spend with them. Today, it’s getting back to me.

Once I’m done with these materials, I’ll watch either The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Ant Bully or Beowulf at the IMax Theater. I’ll go around the MOA and probably pick up a laptop bag before I do the groceries.

Laptop bag?

Oh, yeah, Victory assigned me this awesome Macbook.


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