Monday Musings: Paula Abdul, Aussie Open, Women’s World Cup, etc.

In Local Blogs:

Tina‘s outraged that the cheapest price for Maroon5‘s upcoming concert (PHP1,575) is more expensive than the most expensive ticket on Switchfoot‘s recent concert. I join her in indignation, despite not being a Maroon5 fan. PHP1500+ for a concert where the lead singer will be half the size of one’s thumb just isn’t good stewardship of God’s resources. Ridiculous. (I’d pay PHP3K for a concert ticket, tops, even if it were Mandisa, Matthew West, or Avalon.)

JM has uploaded his first vlog. Darn it, he beat me to it. Hahaha. Your twang’s fine, anak.

The Jester is hinting that Senator Manny Villar may not be paying his taxes properly. It reminds me of an article I read a few years back that noted Kris Aquino was in a list of top taxpayers. C’mon, if Kris can pay her taxes fairly, why can’t Manny? *stifles a guffaw*

ChrisH feels he’s been raped. Thrice. Meanwhile, I’ve survived 30 years without ever being naked in front of anyone but my wife. (Mothers and nannies don’t count.) Pretty cool, eh?
In Music:

Kuya Rickey has previewed Paula Abdul‘s Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow, a single from a new album by Randy Jackson. I don’t like it. Not one bit. The Jackson album, however, will feature Elliott Yamin, so you can bet I’ll be buying it.

If Point of Grace’s How You Live and David Crowder’s Everything Glorious didn’t flip positions (7 and 8), this week’s Hot Christian Songs on Billboard would’ve been the exact same Top 10 from the previous week. Sayang. I like history in the making. Anyway, come on, America, request Matthew West’s You Are Everything! Bring it to #1!

In Philippine Tourism:

The Amarela Resort in Bohol, the Crown Regency Residences Hotel in Cebu, and the Pearl Farm Resort in Davao now have websites that allow guests to reserve online directly with them. Instant confirmation and the cheapest rates on the Internet. That’s way cool.

And, oh, if you’ve ever wanted to play golf on an island, try the Mulligan Golf Resort in Boracay. It’s right beside the Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course, designed by Graham Marsh himself.

In Sports:

I still can’t believe Andy Roddick’s out of the Australian Open. Ugh. Oi. Go, Novak and Justine!

The Philippines wins the Women’s World Cup in golf! We sent Jennifer Rosales and Dorothy Delasin, well, that’s a Pinoy Dream Team right there. Congratulations! (And whoever designed your uniforms, well, nice try.)

In Faith:

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is citing sources saying that the late Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin defied the Vatican’s orders to stay put and nonpartisan during the People Power II revolution that ousted former Philippine President Joseph Estrada. Are they stopping short of saying the influential Sin is significantly responsible for unleashing Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s hapless legacy upon us? Please.


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