Five thoughts about the AMAs 2007

Did you catch the American Music Awards last night? Popularity contest notwithstanding, it was a pretty good show, methinks. Highlights for me include:

1. Sugarland singing Irreplaceable with Beyonce. I love country music, and this little R&B/country hybrid did just the trick for me. The AMAs hyped this one up – the talk of the town!, they said – but Technorati begs to disagree. Me, I thought it was refreshing. Jennifer Nettles did a fine job of keeping up with the divine Miss Bee.

2. Poor audio quality. Was it etc’s recording of the AMAs, or the way it was broadcast, but the sound was very, very poor. It was such a waste, especially for the opening number featuring, Fergie, and Nicole Scherzinger.

3. American Idol basks in its influence. From the three awards apiece of Season Four winner Carrie Underwood and Season Five also-ran Daughtry to the magnificent… um… presence of Kellie Pickler to the towering glow of Jordin Sparks, American Idol was all over this broadcast. I have no problems with that.

4. What are Celine Dion and Bone Thugs doing here? For the record, I think Taking Chances is brilliant, but what is Celine doing singing on the AMAs? And Bone Thugs won Favorite Hiphop Band, Duo or Group? Um… I just flew back a decade! My time machine works!

5. Woohoo! Casting Crowns! No surprise there. Congratulations, Mark Hall and the rest of y’all!

Photo from Kuya Rickey.

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