Ganns goes girly-girl pink, gets shot, goes deep, & resurfaces shiny

image047.jpgPink looks good on me, don’t you agree?

October has been declared Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since my breasts are bigger than some other women I know, I decided to do my part and link up specifically to, which encourages male and female bloggers to “pinkify” their blog skin to raise awareness for breast cancer. (Click on the banner to learn more about‘s initiatives.)

I have no problem with pink. I love pink. It’s so Pepto-Bismol.

Care to read about how I got shot, Nathan’s first movie experience, and my 30-minute beauty treatment?

286.jpgGanns gets shot. How’d your long weekend go? Mine was legen… wait for it… dary! Friday, I met up with an amazing Philippine photographer, Owee Salva, who collaborated with me for my updated image portfolio so I can finally update my resume and start doing TV commercials again. Cheese, hotdogs, birth control… whatever rocks your boat. Calling all casting agents, yes, I’m on the market. PHP50/kilo, or whatever good offer you’ve got. I’m a sucker for one year’s supply of anything.

Friday night, I took Cathy to watch Stardust, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro, and Peter O’Toole, among others. Stardust was AWESOME! Spectacular in every sense of the word. We disagree with the critic at the Los Angeles Post; to quote Frasier Crane, “you’re stoned off your a**!” Dinner at Recipes, with delightful adobo flakes and beef tapa, capped off a memorable evening.

Ganns goes deep. Saturday, Cathy, Nathan, and I went to the Mall of Asia, where we did some shopping at the most godawful SM Hypermart of all SM Hypermarts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the most loyal Hypermart shopper ever; Cathy and I stuck to SM Hypermart The Block despite the opening of the more spacious Landmark at TriNoma. It’s just that there was such a poor selection that day, there was too much foot traffic, and shoppers were rowdier then usual.

The highlight of that day, however, was Nathan’s first movie! That’s right, we took him to his first film, Deep Sea at the IMAX Theater. It was a 3D film that absolutely blew my son away. He kept on reaching out to the fish to touch them! What fun, what fun! Narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslett, Deep Sea is a documentary about some of the oceans’ more fascinating creatures. The other 3D film showing was T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous, which looked fun but might be a little too scary for Nathan’s first movie experience. Deep Sea is an absolutely must-see for families at PHP250 per person, pricey but so worth it because it’s an hour-long film in 3D!

Ganns is one shiny happy person. Sunday was the best: 9AM Sunday service, with great praise & worship led by the incomparable Teri Sambajon, followed by a phenomenal meal at Rack’s St. Francis. Cathy and I polished off a whole rack of pork ribs. Best ribs in the world! When we returned, after working on paperwork for the next five hours, we called it a day as I gave Cathy one of my patented massages. While I was working on her face, she looked at me and complimented me on my skin, which she says was smoother and shinier.

It’s a simple routine, really, thanks to the Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing Foam and/or Olay Clarify Facial Wash, Celeteque Alcohol-free Toner, the Face Shop’s Pore Minimizing Solution, Celeteque Water-based Moisturizer, Lancome Eye Cream, Nivea Night Care Lip Gloss, Jergen’s Firming Lotion, and Marks & Spencer Aloe Vera Body Butter. Takes me fifteen minutes to go to bed, but I hope I won’t look 70 when I’m 70. (Assuming I reach 70.)

Start your week off right with a great Bible verse: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7

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