Shoes Maryosep! Your Crocs shoes could cost you your feet!

crocs_shoes.jpgI was never a fan of Crocs shoes. I can understand how Crocs shoes lovers say these are the most comfortable shoes on Earth, but its clunky look and unconventional color scheme never appealed to me. Believe it or not, comfort may only be Important Factor #2 in influencing most people’s decisions for purchasing footwear; Important Factor #1 is always Aesthetic (Appearance), because unless a pair of shoes appeals to a person on the level of fashion or aesthetics, they won’t even bother picking it up to find out whether or not it is comfortable.

I like footwear, but I don’t have a pair of Crocs shoes (or Havaianas, for that matter). My two favorite discussion pieces are a pair of Topless Sandals and two pairs of Bradford shoes for short Philippine men that can make me taller by up to four inches.

Now, wearing Crocs shoes can actually be dangerous. Reports that Crocs shoes snag on escalator grills, resulting in toe and foot injuries, are becoming more frequent. 39 Japanese and over two dozen Americans. With Crocs shoes available in more than 40 countries, there is a great possibility more people stand to get injured, especially younger children (for whom Crocs shoes are now available in sizes as small as 4). At least one hospital has banned its doctors from wearing Crocs on the job; reactions have been mixed. This website compiles escalator accidents involving Crocs shoes.

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