This is why it pays to “Suit up!”

gannsdeenta1.gifLast night, I attended the second Bloggers Food Fest at the Mall of Asia’s Taste Asia, sponsored by SM Hypermarket, San Miguel, Procter and Gamble, Magnolia, Coca-Cola, Colgate, and CliqueBooth. While Crazy Choco chocolate fountains failed to make a second appearance, it was, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve had at any local blogging event thus far.

I had an entry to the first SM Hypermarket Blogging contest, so it was important to me that I represent well, in the event that I win a prize. Taking a page from How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris), I suited up! Well, kinda: nice silk polo, black sweater vest, black slacks, and, of course, my awesome new shoes from Bradford (which brought me to a respectable 5″10!). Suiting up pays off; some bloggers paid me compliments on the look. Barney was right!

Riding Gina with me were bloggers Angel and Gurl Alien, and their respective boyfriends. Upocliquebooth2.JPGn our arrival, we ran into bloggers Riz, Joni, and Marian. Jomar‘s list wasn’t updated with my name, and there was no list of SM Hypermarket blogging entries, so I literally had to get in as a “friend” of Riz’s. The absence of my name on the guest list also meant wasn’t on the bloggers’ roll provided so people could go around. No hard feelings, though; it’s hard to keep track of 300++ bloggers. It’s a shame, though, because I wasn’t able to go around and make as much new friends as I would’ve liked.

Met a slew of bloggers for the first time, including Joyce, Darwin, and the men (and women) of Man-Blog (including old pals Peter [and his wife Jen], Ade Magnaye, Fritz, AlohaPenny, Helga, and, of course, Mike Villar).

Saw old blogger acquaintances Karlo, beautiful Mae, statuesque Liz, fabulous fabulous Dr. Tess (I beso-ed her on the cheek and regretted it immediately. Come on, Ganns, ano ka, feeling close? Sorry, Doc Tess), a somewhat subdued Shari, Magic Marcel, photobug Chris H, gorgeous Apples H, a bubbly teacher Julie, TinaMats, and the two coolest Moms on the planet, Tita Dine and Tita Noemi. Saw Jeff, who I have to thank for inspiring me to go to the gym. Was inspired by Kuya Jun‘s positivity and graciousness, as always.

Special mention to Benj, who I thought snubbed me at first. I literally had to tap him on the back and assert myself. It turns out my favorite med student/debater/atheist didn’t recognize me with the weight I lost. (He even encouraged me on his blog! Few congratulatory remarks on my weight loss thus far have meant as much to me.) Shortly afterward, I congratulated him on his renewed fire for the fine art of debate and med school. Lately, I’ve really enjoying his blog, so do swing by and share my enthusiasm.

cliquebooth1.JPGExtra special shout-out to Arnold Gamboa, who gave me the privilege of being the person with whom he, his wife Joyce, and his friend Jigs, decided to hang out at their first Taste Asia blog party event. Bro, it was a blast hanging out with you. Rock on for Jesus!

God remains faithful. By night’s end, I won a DVD player from SM Hypermarket for my entry to their contest. My entry was judged one of the three best blog posts. I am humbled, humbled, humbled. Thank you, judges, thank you for affirming how Hypermarket continues to help make milestones in my life major memories. I’m adding this blogger night to that list. God superbless you all! Til next event!

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