Trattoria Acqua: we should have one in Tagaytay!

I stumbled onto the official website of the Trattoria Acqua, a lovely restaurant known for San Diego romantic dining. As I reviewed the website of this California restaurant offering Italian coastal cuisine, I remarked to myself:

This would be a hit in Tagaytay!

Think about it. Their specialty is a spectacular Osso Buco alla Pugliese, a pasta dish that features a veal shank braised in garlic, tomatoes, capers, and olives, undoubtedly perfect for Tagaytay’s brisk cool air. My mouth literally waters for the chance to savor their Carpaccio di Bue al Gorgonzola, an unbelievable filet mignon carpaccio with gorgonzola cheese and a Dijoin mustard aioli! Gosh, that sounds incredible!

Other dishes that’d go well with Tagaytay: the Ravioli d’Aragosta, lobster in pasta purses served with sweet tomatoes and a basil-infused beurre blanc, the Portabello e Polenta, a seasoned ham and wild mushroom dish that is out of this world, and the Proscuitto e Gorgonzola, partnered with baby arugula and house-made fresh fig marmalade.

The ambience also looks amazing. The Mediterranean feel would not be out-of-place in Tagaytay at all.  Tiled terraces, rustic walls, vines… it’s perfect for Tagaytay.

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