Listen to Wendy Wilson’s “Illuminate”

wendywilson.jpg(For your listening pleasure, this blog post contains a stream of Wendy Wilson’s Illuminate, off her dance music project, Wendy. does not offer Wendy Wilson mp3’s for download. If you like what you hear, please leave a comment in the Comments box.)

Remember a pop trio named Wilson Phillips, the best girl group in the whole world? (Comments to the contrary will be erased. This is my website and I can say what I want. Hahaha.) Remember Hold On, Release Me, and You’re In Love, their the group’s 3 number one hits, that made them the first group to have 3 #1 hits from a debut album? Remember Carnie Wilson, who lost enough weight to make a whole person, and Chynna Phillips, who married one of the Baldwin brothers? There was a third member, Wendy Wilson.

While certainly not as vocal or effervescent as Carnie, or as outgoing and telegenic as Chynna, Wendy brought her own unique touch to Wilson Phillips. Years later, she’s married with children, but branching her own sound out. A collection of three dance tracks, collectively titled Wendy, is available on her dance music project page. It certainly is different from the usual Wilson Phillips sound. You can listen to one of the tracks, Illuminate, right here on

Listen to Wendy Wilson’s Illuminate mp3

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