What happened, Carrot Top?

carrottop.jpgCarrot Top is one funny comedian. I’ve always thought that he was one of the best prop comedians around. (Would’ve been fun to see him on Whose Line is It Anyway for the Props game.)

Among Carrot Top’s many hysterical props: a Dr. Kevorkian bath toy consisting of a rubber duck with an electric plug; a Whitney Houston microphone with bong; and my personal favorite, a paper-cup-and-string telephone with an extra cup and string for call-waiting. Hahaha!

Imagine, therefore, my shock to see this photo of him at the recent Flavor Flav roast on Comedy Central.

Man, the steroids are just popping all over this bad boy.

His face seems to be the biggest prop of all. I’m not sure I can laugh when the comedian on stage looks like someone ready to beat me up and eat me alive. He plays gigs around the country; maybe he should swing by the nation’s capital and get some plastic surgery so he wouldn’t look so behemoth scary.

Well, regardless, he’s a great comedian. Rock it, Carrot Top!

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