What were they thinking?

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I visited MSN’s list of worst Oscar dresses, and I was absolutely stunned by three of the eight choices there. You guys have GOT to see these.

1. Demi Moore’s dress. This one is particularly scary because it seems like her outfitcher_350×435.jpg is the queen of ugly dress colors and patterns. Sure, basic black is always a good choice, but did Demi really think these ultratight cycling shorts were a good fashion choice? Her thighs may now be muscled and tight enough to crack walnuts, but at the time… meh.

Combine this unusual bottom with an unconventional top, flower patterned train, and a Japanese-inspired bodice, and you’ve got yourself a dress that will die hard.

2. Bjork’s swan dress. I dbjork.jpgon’t think feathers are a good fashion fabric in any case. Nothing like a faux dead swan to say, “Hey world, I’m an Oscar-nominated actress. I’m here!”
3. Cher’s Moonstruck dress. Can you believe she claimed her Oscar in THIS?! The headdress, the bare navel (sure, she’s in better shape now than I ever was, and those abs are AMAZING), but she still looks like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

There are several other dresses on that list, but I think you’ll find these three are the most horrendous of the lot.

You’d think celebrities would be able to afford some really nice gowns, not something that looks like what I just posted, or something in bubblegum pink like some horrendous prom dress.

I didn’t have a prom in high school, but we had this one dance at the Coconut Palace. It was pretty cool. I brought my girlfriend at the time, and we slow danced and everything. It was magic.  I heard a lot of guys lost their virginities that night, but what do I know? I didn’t have to wear a dress, and my girlfriend wore a simply black dress that was really lovely.

What I remember most about that night? The prom dresses and the fact that my girlfriend liked to dance the Macarena. Ugh.

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