On Michael Jackson’s nose and skin color

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I was listening to Michael Jackson’s You Rock My World a few days ago when I took a second look at his Invincible album cover. Take a quick look.

Does this look anything like he looks now? I mean, what happened here?


The most shocking change is Michael’s nose. From the original wide flared Afro-American nostrils he started out with, he now has an aquiline nose whose condition is well-documented by tabloid media. Obviously, Michael needs some revision rhinoplasty, but the question at hand is, is there any natural skin left to work with?

And what is with his skin color? He was dark, now he’s sporting a much lighter hue, but we know that his roots, his blood, his DNA says, Afro-American. Why don’t his kids even look mulatto?

I’m neither passing judgment nor criticism, just throwing the proverbial rhetorical question. He’s still a great musician.

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