Counting my blessings

A long overdue meme from Joni is finally answered.

1. My family is complete. Baby Nicola Jean has joined Nathan, Cathy, and me to complete our family. I’m still torn between Nicki or Cocoa (pronounced like the chocolate drink), though, for a nickname, hehe. She is healthy, she is beautiful, she will be Miss World 2027. Hahaha!

2. We have a new car. Gina, our Hyundai Getz Philippines, has finally gotten her license plates! We can drive her around in peace and confidence! Plus, she has a new horn, spankin’ leather seats, and awesome car mats. She rocks my socks!

3. Cathy is flying to Malaysia. I’m a little perturbed she’s doing this just as Nicki (Cocoa!) is turning a month old, but then again, my wife is presenting a paper at an international educators’ conference. I’m so proud of my sweetheart!

4. My job rocks my socks. Things are hard here, naturally, but it’s challenging and I love what I do.

5. I’m going to small group tonight! After more than two months of absence, this one I can’t wait for. I’m thirsting for fellowship with my bros from VCF Fort, and tonight I’m finally gonna join ’em. Woohoo!

Gotta tag some people, according to Joni’s rules, so I choose Red, Tina, Leigh, Lean, and Kim.

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