Nikki’s vibrating bouncer is here!

Cathy’s Aunt Melba arrived last week, along with her son Joemel and her ex-husband Joe. She brought this totally adorable vibrating Fisher-Price pink bouncer for Nikki, and I am all excited again!

Nathan had a Fisher-Price baby bouncer too. Mom bought it from a garage sale in New Jersey for around US$2, and it was the most useful gadget ever. During certain days when he was really fussy and nothing else seemed to work, we’d pop him in the bouncer and he’d be out like a light in a few minutes.

Nikki’s new chair has the cutest pink fabric, hanging flowers and butterflies, a soft pillow, and a great vibrating engine. It even plays music! Nikki can stay on it until she’s 25 lbs.

According to the box, it promotes comfort and security, encourages developing motor skills, stimulates her senses, and is better for Mom to hold and wash (or in this case, Dad, hehe).

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