While I’m dreaming about a car, I’d like a pony, please

Lately, Cathy and I have been seeing regular car advertisements in the local dailies. I pointed this out to Cathy earlier today, and she attributed it to the mid-year scramble to meet quotas.

Lately, I’ve been itching to unload our five year Toyota Revo. This absolutely lovely car was a gift to us from my parents-in-law (Cathy’s folks), and apparently, in the Chinese culture, it’s in bad taste to sell a gift, regardless of whether it’s a car or a shirt. I completely respect that, so I’ve tried to let it go.

In the back of my mind, though, I ask: how long should a family hold onto its car? Five years and 83,000 kilometers later, our Revo’s in stunning good shape, albeit for the chassis nicks that will come with long-distance traveling. (Boy, indigent kids can be mean when you don’t give them alms.) Nevertheless, isn’t five years long enough time to upgrade to a newer car before the current one starts going all sickly on you (at eight years, maybe)?

Well, since I’m daydreaming anyway, what would be good for a family of four?

Smaller cars are good ideas because the distance we travel on a daily basis makes a small car’s fuel economy a very good idea. Maybe a small car? A Kia Picanto, gorgeous and mobile at P498,000? A Hyundai Getz, smart and savvy at P460,000? A Suzuki Alto, practical, environmentally friendly, and compact at P359,000? Maybe a medium car, which will seat us comfortably and protect us from speed demons on the road? A Toyota Avanza, large and economical? Maybe a Vios?

My gosh. Buying a car will set us back hundreds of thousands of pesos. With a family of four and two live-in nannies, we don’t necessarily have the space in a small car, and a medium car is so pricey. Maybe our Revo is really the best car for us after all. Imagine that! LOL God is good – He allows us to have what is best for us, at the time that is best for us! Praise God!

Meanwhile, I could just pray that I can someday buy a used classic Volkswagen Beetle. Or if any of you out there have one and would like to lend it to me just for a couple of days so I can fulfill a dream of driving a Beetle. Hahaha! I know, when the time comes, I’ll have a Beetle of my own. Meanwhile, Nate and Nikki’s college education first. :D

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