Quest, “Sige Lang”


Filipino recording artist Jose Villanueva III, better known by his stage name, Quest, has released the MV to his 2012 single, Sige Lang.

The song itself is an old-school throwback that is instantly catchy and instantly likeable. Quest combines an irresistible guitar strum pattern with a fat bass line, a drum loop that just won’t quit, and friendly, easy-to-understand lyrics that are distinctly Filipino. I have to tell you: the lyrics of Sige Lang are brilliant. Aside from the encouraging message, Quest throws in pop culture references that are both old and new, ensuring that listeners from their teens to perhaps their 40s will be able to find something to enjoy in the Sige Lang lyrics.

The song production is also noteworthy. Quest raps the first verse, then hops into the sing-along chorus, then rides a second verse that is sung, then back to the chorus, then to a breathtaking bridge, Sige Lang stays fresh and remains relevant, never predictable. The vocal work is equally stunning: there was never any doubt that Quest can sing, but the vocal layer work on this would make any hiphop producer proud, and only serves to underscore the lamentable fact that Quest is arguably one of OPM’s most under-appreciated, incredibly talented artists. How many Filipino artists do you know can sing, rap, and write their own material with authenticity and style?

Further accentuating the Filipino-ness of Sige Lang is the absolutely fantastic video. Interspersing text from the song over Quest’s different locations – and he traveled all over Metro Manila for this video – the video is distinctly Filipino and proudly Filipino-made. I had goosebumps watching this video for the first time; there are few Filipino-made videos I would be proud to show off to my foreign readers, and this would be easily one of them.

Altogether, it would be a shame – CRIMINAL! – if Sige Lang did not put Quest on the map. He’s already been nominated for an Awit Award, but Sige Lang has enough chops to score Quest the stardom that he’s working way too long and much too hard for. You can quote me on this: Sige Lang is my favorite Filipino song for 2012 thus far, and will most likely stay that way. Brilliant single.

You can download “Sige Lang” for free here. Quest is literally giving it away.

Update: I’ve added the Sige Lang lyrics, taken from QUEST’s official site.


Eto nanaman tayo bagong simula
Huminga ng malalim alisin ang kaba
Tapos na ang kahapon, pwede nang itapon
Huwag lang ang mga aral dapat yan ay ibaon
Katulong mo sa panibagong hamon
May paparating na bagong alon
Pwede kang lamunin o pwede mong sabayan
Yung aral ng kahapon pwede ka nyang gabayan
Kung ako sayo tumayo ka na dyan
Huwag ka nang magpahuli kami ay sundan
Patungo sa liwanag, aabutin ang tala
Pagkatapos pakita sa mundo pusong nagbabaga
Upang lahat ay mamulat, sa aking susulat
Parinig sa lahat ang aking iuulat
Huwag ka nang mabahala ako ang bahala
kasangga natin si Bathala

Walang imposible
Sige lang ng sige
Abot mo ang mundo
malapit o malayo
Sama sama tayo
Hanggang sa dulo
ano man ang pagsubok
Hindi susuko
Alam kong kaya mo
Sige lang sige
Sige lang sige
Walang imposible

Ang pangarap ng yong pusong
Na makalimutan ang kahapon
Sanay dinggin
Sigaw ng aking puso
Hindi sumusoko, hindi to susuko

Ilabas ang yong pangarap
Huwag mo yang itatago
Samahan mo ng sipag at tatag ng puso
Tumayo ko sa yong silya
Ikaw ngayon ang bida
Wala nang pipigil pa eto na eto na

Hanggat ako’y humihinga
Sugod lang laban pa
Pangarap abutin
Kumislap tulad ng mga bituin
Sige lang, di ka nagiisa
Sige lang sige pa