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Hello, I’m Ada Paige and I’m a Rhythm Doctor for the RHS.

Doctor's Notes

1 April 2077

We had a breakthrough! The rhythm doctor treatment is working! After all these years of wiring the defibrillator to the heart, coding the cardiogram to keep the rhythm steady at an accurate 100ms to 25ms, and assuring that connections via ethernet or wi-fi have no delays.

If we can refine it even more, who knows what we can cure? Many illnesses that take months to heal can be cured with just a click, from Supraventricular Tachycardia, to Bradyarrhythmia, Broken heart syndrome to Pulmonary Embolism! 

Dr. Edega reluctantly gave us the go ahead to do some field testing first thing tomorrow, I’m hoping this goes well. Wish us luck.

2 April 2077

The testing went smoothly. Our first client came in with an irregular heartbeat. We hooked him up to the treatment and initiated the rhythm doctor process. After a couple of minutes, his symptoms vanished! Ian and I could tell that even Dr. Edega was impressed. He gave us permission to utilize the treatment on our clients! To say Ian was over the moon would be an understatement. He went intercontinental. I was incredibly happy myself, but I had to keep it to myself. Because in the back of my head, I knew that even if this treatment was flawless, there are still problems it cannot solve. I can only hope that Ian and Dr Edega can see this too.

5 April 2077

We got a new intern today. He got the hang of the system really quickly and even managed to treat our regular client “Samurai” on his first go. I wonder if this guy took music classes as a kid? Anyway, that’s not important. Today we were able to score another point for us as we managed to cure not one, but two people at once! Both clients were suffering from a mild case of heartache, but knowing that we can cure two people at once opens up a whole world of opportunities for us! The clients tried to hide it, but they definitely had feelings for each other. Why else would their hearts skip a beat  on the cardiogram when they were in the same room?

6 April 2077

We ran into a problem. During the intern’s treatment of one of our insomnia ridden patients, something I did not account for showed up. A virus somehow got into the system and started messing with the cardiogram and connection between the intern and the patient. Ian somehow knew something like this would happen and actually gave it a name. I think he called it “Connectifia Abortius”? The intern seemed shaken but was able to complete the procedure. We need to keep an eye on this patient for further symptoms

7 April 2077

Something came to my mind while I was checking on my patients. While our treatment seems to be going well, I feel as though there are… less nurses and doctors around? It’s really strange, but it might just be me. After all, our treatment can’t just be the only thing we’ll be known for… right..?

8 April 2077

We tested out our treatment in one of our newer wards. The Supraventricular Tachycardia ward or SVT ward for short. Two of our patients had heightened episodes of SVT and unfortunately relapsed into the habits that triggered the episodes in the first place. This is where the limitations of our treatment begin to show. 


Yes, our treatment can cure many heart illnesses in no time at all, but it has no control over what causes it. If the illness is caused by an external source like caffeine or tobacco, we will still need human resources to gently guide them off their habits.

9 April 2077

Turns out it wasn’t just my imagination. Dr. Edega explained that the hospital laid off a large number of doctors and nurses who complained of being overworked or stressed. Dr. Edega said they abandoned us. He also said that he’s leaving those spots vacant permanently, leaving just Ian, the intern and I to take care of the entire hospital, saying that the treatment should be enough.


It seems that Dr. Edega is overestimating the capabilities of our treatment. But what if he’s trying to set us up to fail?

It doesn’t help that Ian has to leave today to take care of his mother. Nonetheless, I’m going to give it my all.


…just in case, I asked the intern to keep an eye on my heart rate. Wish me luck.

10 April 2077

Yesterday was almost a disaster. Good thing the intern was there to control my heart rate. I’ve been told to rest for a week so I’m going to have to stop these write ups for a while. I don’t mind. I could use a rest.

About Me

My name is Ada Paige. I am a doctor in the cardiovascular ward in the Rhythm Health Service. RHS for short. I currently handle taking care of our client’s personal needs which can go from checking on them every 2 hours, collecting equipment they need and more.

Patient 1


Our first client, An anonymous Samurai. Strange fellow. The Cardiogram displayed an abnormally rapid heartbeat. Halfway through the treatment, the heartbeat slowed as well. Ian made sure to code for those instances as well. I wouldn’t want to imagine how difficult it would’ve been without that code.

After we cured him, he left to go back to a nightclub. That was probably what caused his arrhythmia. We’ll need to keep an eye on him.

Patients 2 & 3

Logan and Hailey

Our two clients, Logan and Hailey. Logan came in earlier saying–and I quote–”My heart doesn’t feel so good.” Halfway through the treatment, Hailey burst in, insisting to be treated in the same room. The cardiogram displayed their hearts skipping multiple beats, plus the fact that there was two of them to deal with at the same time.

It seems that Logan may be experiencing a case of–and this is an unofficial term–a slight case of butterflies around Hailey. They must be observed a bit more for any additional symptoms.

Project Scope

This webpage is a product of Nathan James Deen as part of his subject requirements for English Creative Assessment at Dickson College, Dickson ACT Australia.