What an unfortunate sign!

I saw this gem somewhere in Quezon City on the way to Nagtahan. What an unfortunate combination of two totally different services. Ouchies.

‘Fated to Love You’ hooks the Deens

The other day, my wife's friend, Sally, gifted lent her a DVD of this Taiwanese dramedy called Fated to Love You. In a nutshell, it's about this ordinary simpleton girl with a heart of gold who has one night of confused sex with the brooding heir of this huge...

Bea Arthur passes away

I am so sad. Emmy Award winner Bea Arthur, most famously known for playing Dorothy Zbornak on the 1980s hit NBC series The Golden Girls, has passed away at 86. Bea Arthur was one of the legends of her time. Her deep voice and natural talent for delivering a zinging...

Goodbye, Sophia

Estelle Getty is dead. Goodbye, Sophia. You will always be my favorite Golden Girl.

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