Twice, “More and More”

K-Pop super girl group Twice has released its new single, More and More, and the girls look and sound AMAZING!

has opened up about their new mini album, what the concept is, how difficult the choreography of the title track is, and what they hope to hear from people.

The girl group will be releasing their ninth mini album “MORE & MORE” at 6 p.m. KST on June 1 with a title track of the same name. This will be their first comeback in approximately nine months since “Feel Special” last September.

When asked to describe the new mini album, Nayeon said, “When you fall in love, you want to more about that person. It’s an album that reflects that desire to know more and want more of the person you fall in love with.” Momo explained, “I think I can describe it as an album that says, ‘I want more from you!’ It’s a bold declaration that doesn’t hold back on expressing one’s emotions.” Sana added, “The keyword of our album concept was ‘eager desire.’ We tried to reflect that in our concept photos and music video.”

The members explained that the two visual concepts they had gone for in their teaser images were hippie and nature, with Jeongyeon saying, “The hippie concept is one that TWICE has never tried before, and it creates a bold and free aura. This concept goes really well with our title track, and I think the members did so well in taking on the concept.” Jihyo shared, “The other concept is nature. And the two concepts are completely different. If the hippie concept is more bold, then the nature concept feels very pure and clean.” Mina brought the two concepts together as she explained, “Though they feel different, the two share a common theme of looking for something in the forest. If the hippie concept is like a free spirit that is wandering through the forest, then the nature concept is like when fairies are roaming the forest.”

In the More and More MV, every girl gets her own little showcase. I particularly liked Nayeon’s apple scene and Chaeyoung’s styling. The choreography on More and More definitely looks more challenging than previous releases. The intro choreo, in particular, with the girls altogether in a bunch, feels really unique.

Overall, More and More shows significant musical growth from the girls. There’s a maturity to the song that differentiates it from the more cutesy, aegyo concepts that accompanied songs like Dance the Night Away, TT, and Heartshaker. It still feels authentic, though, and I’m pretty sure most Twice fans will be more than happy with this comeback.

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