Mandisa, “You Keep Hope Alive”

Contemporary Christian singer Mandisa has released her new single, You Keep Hope Alive, featuring Jon Reddick.

Written by Reddick with Jess Cates and Anthony Skinner, You Keep Hope Alive was first released as his debut single with Gotee Records in 2019. The track also featured on Phillips, Craig & Dean’s 2020 project. Reddick wrote the track as a response to the infamous Charlottesville incident of 2017. Three years later, at the height of nationwide protests for the murder of George Lloyd, this soaring worship anthem is more relevant than ever. There is power in declaring the power of God and our hope in His ability to save, and this song does that in a way that doesn’t seem trite or contrived. You can feel the authenticity of Mandisa and Reddick as they take the song to its rousing final chorus. You know they believe every word they’re singing.

You Keep Hope Alive is Mandisa’s first single since Waymaker, the carrier single of her Greatest Hits project. The song allows her powerful vocals to rise even higher, and when she sings with Reddick, the harmonies are just *chef’s kiss*. Whether you’d like to use this song for your personal worship time, or tap into it as you pray for your nation and its leaders, I think You Keep Hope Alive will fit the bill.


Mandisa featuring Jon Redding

Days may be darkest
But Your light is greater
You light our way God You light our way
When evil is rising
You’re rising higher
With power to save With power to save

You keep hope alive
You keep hope alive
From the beginning to end
Your word never fails
You keep hope alive because You are alive
Jesus You are alive

Death had a stronghold
But Your life was greater
Rose from the grave
Rose up from the grave
When evil is rising
You’re rising higher
With power to save
With power to save

There’s hope in the morning
Hope in the evening
Hope because You’re living
Hope because You’re breathing
There’s hope in the breaking
Hope in the sorrow
Hope for this moment
My hope for tomorrow

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