Delight Ice Cream and Popcorn

Delight Ice Cream and Popcorn is a newly opened sweets shop at the Dickson shops. My wife and I had decided to walk to the Dickson Library to pick up some new books. (A side note: it was closed. Waaah!) Walking back, we saw the store yesterday behind Commonwealth Bank and popped in because we love a good ice cream. Also, we saw a few families walking away with popcorn that the children were enjoying immensely. So we got even more curious.

At first glance, this Canberra ice cream shop looks cosy and inviting. A wide range of colours from their ice creams & sweets will definitely entice kids and the kid in you.

There was a wide range of ice cream flavours on display; the website says there are more than 20. Some of the flavours that looked truly enticing included pecan caramel, rainbow, vanilla bean, macadamia, stairway to heaven, salted caramel, and chocolate obsession. My wife and I chose to share a scoop of Bailey’s Ice Cream because… because… I don’t need to justify my Sunday afternoon choices to you! Hahaha!

Well, we enjoyed the ice cream very much; it had that Bailey’s flavour and a few nuts here and there for texture. It was very good.

We also opted for a bag of their specialty popcorn (buttered popcorn with powdered milk) to take home to the kids. Nathan (16) and Nicola (12) absolutely demolished the popcorn when we brought the bag home, so I think that means two thumbs up for Delight Ice Cream and Popcorn as well.

Service was great, lovely smiles and pleasant demeanour. Clearly, it’s a family owned shop and we’re always looking to support local businesses that offer great product and a friendly customer experience. Overall, we had a great time, and I recommend you give Delight Ice Cream and Popcorn a go too.

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