Granny Goose Pop ‘N Chips

granny-goose-pop-n-chipsEvery time Caths and I do our groceries, we always pass by certain aisles. Bread aisle for bread. Canned goods for Nicola’s Spam. Vegetable aisle to see what we’re missing.

And of course, the snack foods aisle. And it was there last week that I picked up this baby to your right.

That’s Granny Goose Pop ‘N Chips. It’s popped, not fried, corn chips, and it comes in two flavors: Jalapeño & Cheese, and Sour Cream.

I bought one of each, intending for me to enjoy it all to my lonesome. Little did I know I would not be able to enjoy it because my kids beat me to the punch, and boy, did they enjoy Granny Goose Pop ‘N Chips!

Both kids found the jalapeño and cheese a little too spicy to handle, but they settled quickly into the sour cream variant. When I asked them what they liked about it, they said they enjoyed the texture of the chip – it’s chewy yet crispy, almost like crunchy popcorn – and the flavor just popped, no pun intended.

Given that it’s not fried and the price is decent – around Php12 – suffice it to say that Granny Goose Pop ‘N Chips will be a hearty new addition to the Deen Family’s snack pantry.

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