Is your blog a “Jekyll and Hyde” blog?

Many of us are familiar with the novella Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. A lawyer, Gabrielle John Utterson, investigates the unusual case of his friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who seems to harbor a split personality with an evil persona, Edward Hyde. Mr. Hyde is responsible for the death of an important man – Sir Danvers Carew – and basically strews mayhem all over London.

Believe it or not, we Christians may be doing that very same thing to our blogs.

Are you intentionally trying to market your blog as a Christian blog? If so, ask yourselves: is the content of my blog the kind of content expected of a blogger who professes Christ?

So do an audit. Is the content God-glorifying? Is the language appropriate? Are your blog entries doctrinally sound and scripturally accurate? And if not, are you comfortable with how others may perceive your blog vis-a-vis other Christian blogs?

(Of course, this is not to say that we should be legalistic with how we manage our blogs. After all, there are many gray areas in life, the Filipino-Christian blogosphere being one of them. But if you are strategically trying to use your blog as a megaphone for God’s goodness in your life, there are some clear-cut topics, images, and subjects that we would probably do best to stay away from, if we aren’t ready to defend ourselves and our faith.)

In my case, I write about Christian music, but I also write about K-Pop, and there are some pretty risque videos out there that I’ve linked to because I’m a fan of the group. *eherm Secret eherm*Is my blog Jekyll and Hyde in that sense? Maybe. Something for me to think about. What about you guys?

Jekyll and Hyde image taken from here; no copyright infringement intended.

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