Communicate on your blog the way you want to

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a brilliant man who started his (long overdue) blog. When I asked him why he was so hesitant about blogging, his reply was as straight to the point as he was:

“I’m not a writer.”

I laughed. “Big deal!” I said. I then shared with him a very important lesson I learned in my now fifteen years of blogging:

“Communicate the way you want to.”

Too many people with a powerful message don’t get that message out because they’re so afraid they can’t communicate it the way they imagine the world wants them to communicate it.

I’m here to tell you that’s a waste of your message. There are many ways to communicate on your blog! Determine how you most enjoy telling a good story, and that’ll guide your way!

  1. Do a podcast. Some people can’t write to save their lives, but, boy, can they narrate a story! If you have the gift to communicate verbally, maybe you should just pack up the keyboard and start recording a three- to five-minute  audio message that you can make available on podcast. In my opinion, sometimes, it’s even easier and more convenient to listen to a podcast then read a story.
  2. Make a video. Maybe you have some visual presentation skills, or have a clear, compelling vision of how to present your points in a visual manner. Maybe you can consider doing videocasting!
  3. Artwork, or comics! In my line of work, it’s a little dangerous to be irreverent, but folks who’ve read ShenaniGanns Comics will readily testify that it’s a great way to let some of my creative juices flow without necessarily offending or endangering the ministry. If you have a natural talent for artwork, maybe instead of doing a straightforward blog, maybe you can do comics?
  4. Images and pictures! In the age of Pinterest and Tumblr, it makes sense for more visually adept individuals to just let their creativity out in a stunning visual display.
  5. Go ahead and tell the dang story. Anyone can tell a story. Anyone can discuss something they’re passionate about. Yes, whether the story is told in a compelling manner, or whether the argument is powerful enough to convince someone else of the strength of the position, is dependent on skill, but a powerful story will sell itself. Sometimes, all you have to do is write.

These are just a few suggestions, but the point is still solid: don’t let anyone force you into communicating on your blog in any way other than what makes you comfortable. Authenticity is one great way to provide value, and like-minded individuals will find their way to your blog because you’ve given them value in a way that was true to who you are.

Communicate on your blog the way you want to. You may not become an Internet superstar, but you’ll have remained true to yourself, and you can’t put a price on that kind of integrity.


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