Ganns Likes: Lipton’s Endless Possibili-teas

When I first met my wife, Caths, we had a lot in common, but drink preference wasn’t one of them. I liked coffee, and she liked tea. As years passed by, I learned to appreciate tea too, and she’s learned to appreciate coffee.

One of our favorite teas is Lipton Yellow Label. My father used to drink this when he was dealing with upset stomach, and Caths used to brew it and put some milk in it . (Now, no more, since Lipton manufactures its own milk tea.)

So, it was quite the welcome surprise to receive this delightful little gift bag from Lipton Philippines!

This delightful bag contained:

  • A box of Lipton Yellow Label Tea. Our home always has Lipton tea – the milk tea variation lately – so we were thrilled to get another box of this terrific tea.

  • A tea recipe booklet. This was Caths’ favorite part of the bag. This booklet contained ten recipes on how to make different types of tea drinks, including chocolate, nutty, and fruity teas that would no doubt be interesting to our kids.
  • Sweet N’ Low’s! I am not diabetic, but I do watch my sugar intake. Having Sweet N’ Low’s with the packet was really a treat; this would make sure that there would be less sugar in our teas.
  • McCormick Flavored Essences. Along with the booklet came four different flavored essences to add a bit of extra zing to our drinks. Our house has several essences already because my wife loves to bake, but this was a real treat. We received pandan, vanilla, banana, and almond essences, and you know we’re going to town with these babies.

The bag also came with:

  • Two bags of Oishi Sundays fruit juice mixes. Nicki went out of her mind!
  • A little Japanese lunchbox. Nathan went out of his mind!
  • A little glittery blue notebook. So girly! Caths went out of her mind!

As you can see, we’re all nuts here.

The next few weeks are going to be insane, as our family experiments with the different drinks we can make with these. You can bet I’ll be blogging about them! One thing is for sure: we’re going to enjoy the holidays with more Lipton teas. After all, the possibili-teas are endless!

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