Woohoo! Oxygenated water!

Today, I am participating in a water fast in preparation for a very important church event next week. I recently encountered OxRyd Oxygenated Water, and decided to use this for my fast.

What I haven’t told people is that I’ve been drinking oxygenated water for weeks. The benefits of oxygenated water have been extolled in the book, One Minute Cure, which my good friend and former boss Joey Bonifacio recommended to me. I started drinking oxygenated water using the process detailed in the book, and I love it. I sleep better, my joints aren’t as painful as they used to be, and it’s assisted in my weight loss program.

Preparing the water, however, can be quite the chore. It requires taking food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), diluting it into distilled water to an acceptable level, then putting minute levels of the resulting diluted H2O2 water into even more distilled water. Cost-effective, yes. Time-effective, not really.

So I’m glad that I’ve encountered OxRyd Oxygenated Water, and I’ll be running my fast with two liters. There is a recommended “Three Day OxRyd Oxygenated Water Fast,” where you consume nothing but OxRyd (four liters a day for three days). This sounds really, really interesting, and depending on how I feel by day’s end, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. (Actually, I intend to really go with OxRyd, but I’m not going to go with just water for three days. Can you imagine?!)

What is OxRyd Oxygenated Water?
OxRyd is the Philippines’ first and only oxygen-rich bottled drinking water. The water is oxygenated using a process called Electrolytic Hydrolysis, which splits water into its smaller components and increases dissolved oxygen content. Along the whole process, the water becomes softer and water molecule clusters become smaller for faster cell absorption.

Why do I need oxygenated water?
OxRyd gives you better hydration and that extra oxygen that your body needs. OxRyd enhances your body’s energy production in the cellular level by speeding up the breaking down of food molecules resulting in higher energy and improved stamina.

Oxygen plays a very important role in the body by acting as a guardian and protector against unfriendly bacteria and disease organisms. Because oxygen is your body cell’s main food, you become stronger and healthier. With OxRyd, your body toxins, garbage, debris and useless substances are destroyed by oxygen and carried out of the system. Oxygen is a powerful detoxifier and when it is deficient, toxins begin to devastate bodily functions and deplete the body of life giving energy.

This works out well for me: I’m flushing toxins out and believing God will work powerfully in our event next week. Not too shabby, ne?

Where do I get OxRyd?

I get my OxRyd from Walter Mart, but if you’re interested, you can purchase this oxygenated water at Robinsons Supermarket, Walter Mart Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Rustans Supermarket, Cherry Fooderama, Landmark Supermarket Bora Mart in Boracay, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug Store and Sta Lucia Supermarket.

For more information about OyRyd, please contact CY Water Solutions, Inc. at(02) 215-9158, (02) 666-1950 or (02) 994-9641.

Disclosure: GannsDeen.com has received no financial remuneration from OxRyd and its manufacturer, CY Water Solutions, for this blog entry. Image and some information taken from OxRyd‘s official website.

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