KJ-52, “Brand New Day”

After courting Christian rock and urban with his latest album’s title track, Dangerous, Christian rapper KJ-52 has returned with Brand New Day, a summery offering for Christian AC and CHR that has come out the gate guns a-blazing. It’s one of the fastest added songs this week at CHR radio. Personally, Brand New Day is all right, it’s a better radio track than Dangerous, and should outperform its predecessor easily. But let’s call a spade a spade: no one makes this kind of Christian rap summer jam better than tobyMac.


wooooah oh oh
staring over in a brand new way
woooahh oh oh
shout it out it’s a brand new day
and I’ll never ever ever be the same
no I’ll never ever ever be the same

your sun light is on my face
Your life is all I chase
I Run right upon this race
Cause in you I’m gone put all my faith
some nights I lose my way
sometimes I walk and stray
but you come right inside my space
and each time you come you give me strength
this time I fix my gaze
this time it wont be the same
this time I wont be ashamed
so this time I can’t help but say that..

your sunlight is on my face
I look back how far I came
I think about how much I’ve changed
It was hard at times but I’m not the same
you deserve all this praise
you deserve all the fame
you deserve all my ways
I point back to you each and all my days
I reach and grab all you’ve gave
I see your hands all you’ve made
I see your plan and all you’d save
That we can have life (got me singing…)

I’m not where I want to be
But I’m not where I used to be
I’m not where I want to be
But I’m not where I used to be

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