Emmanuelle, “Sandali Lang”

After her debut single, Happy, OPM’s newest sweetheart, Emmanuelle, has released Sandali Lang as the newest single off her self-titled debut EP. Written by respected Filipino songwriter Ito Rapadas, formerly of seminal 80s band Neocolours, who originally recorded this beautiful ballad, Sandali Lang highlights Emmanuelle’s rich, expressive voice, and should be the right song to follow up the number single that Happy was.

Video-wise, Happy is clearly a superior video. Inspiration clearly taken from Taylor Swift – her nerd glasses and hunky crush who initially ignores her smacks of You Belong to Me – and clunky interpretation of storyboard aside (wouldn’t it have been better to shoot the video on location rather than do the studio sets that fade into darkness?), the video did help bring me to an awareness of Sandali Lang, which wasn’t one of the standouts for me on Emmanuelle because it was written and sung in Filipino, which isn’t my first language. Having heard the song and watched the video, it is in fact a beautiful song.

I’ve realized two things from watching this video: 1) OPM is a rich, beautiful canon of amazing, wonderful songs, and local artists will benefit from remaking more of our songs rather than rehashing material from overseas artists; and 2) Emmanuelle is a talented artist whose rising star should continue to burn bright, especially if she is given more material like this.


(I typed this up myself, and my Tagalog is horrendous, so if the lyrics are wrong, please let me know.)
Sandali lang
Umaasa na kahit sandali lang
Ika’y malapitan
At naghihintay na ika’y masilayan

Kay tagal ko nang tinatago
Ang pag-ibig na namumuo
Ang nag-iisang pangarap ko
Sa sandaling ito
Makilala mo ako
Sandali lang
O kahit sandali lang

Kung sakali man
Na ako’y pagbigyan
Aking iiwanan
Naipong mga liham
Napupuno ng kulay
Mula sa puso kong tunay

Kay tagal ko nang tinatago
Ang pag-ibig na namumuo
Ang nag-iisang dalangin ko
Sa sandaling ito
Maunawaan mo ako
Sandali lang (sandali lang)
Kahit sandali lang

Ang dali namang ibigin ka
Tila tubig sa labing uhaw
Tangi lang dalangin ko
Makamit at madama ang pag-ibig mo

Sandali lang
Ooh kahit sandali lang
Sandali lang (Naghihintay na masilayan ka)
Na ikaw ay masilayan
kahit sandali lang (Dalangin ko na ika’y maramdaman)
Na maunawaan (Ang pag-ibig na aking inaasam)
Ang hinihiling sa iyo, sandali lang

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