Ganns Likes: D’ Tooth Kingdom

A few weeks ago, my son complained of a toothache that wouldn’t go away. To my chagrin, our pediatric dentist was out of town and wouldn’t be back for days! My dentist in Makati, on the other hand, was fully booked well into the week. My son was quite the trooper, but I didn’t want to prolong his agony, so I took him to D’ Tooth Kingdom at SM North EDSA’s The Block.

The first thing I noticed and liked about D’Tooth Kingdom – not a big fan of the name of the clinic – was its inviting waiting room. Look how much fun Nicki had!

When the time came for my son to see the pediatric dentist, a Dr. Veronica, he was immediately ushered into the dentist’s chair and made to feel like he was on a spaceship. She moved it up and down, left and right, to basically settle him in and accustom him to the feeling of the chair. She was remarkably friendly, and as she went through each tooth, she gave updates to the nurse beside her.

Later on, she told me what my son’s tooth problems were, and, bottom line, she recommended we “operate.” After talking it over with my son and consulting with my wife, I decided to give it a go, and my son was worked on. There was no need for anesthesia, and my son’s fears were quickly assuaged when Spongebob came on the television set! It took a while because there was quite a bit of “damage” to his tooth that needed to be undone, so when it was done, a full hour and a half or so later, my son was happy with the results and not fearful at all.

My daughter kept herself busy outside, playing with the toys and watching Rio!

Bottom line, I wouldn’t mind taking my kids to D’Tooth Kingdom again. Dr. Veronica was very good with my son, explaining the situation and making him feel comfortable and safe. I have to admit that he seemed frightened at first, but he was very good, and the doctor was quite patient, and, at the end of it all, he ended up having a good time and left in high spirits.

My son wants to return, and the odds are good we may, but my daughter prefers our previous pediatric dentist, so it is to her that my princess will continue to go. Cost-wise, I think it may have been a little more expensive than usual, but then again, D’Tooth Kingdom is in a mall, where rent rates are definitely higher, but the quality of service seemed to make it worth it. My son certainly thinks so.

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