Praise God! I won the Sexy Solutions contest!

Last Friday was WILD.

I was meeting up with Team Bluetooth, our sports team for this month’s Staff Team Building activity, when my phone started to vibrate. My good friend Kaye was calling me. I couldn’t take the call though, because I was listening to my teammates share a little something random about themselves, and it was important I listen. So I let it go.

An SMS then came in, again from Kaye. It said:

“You won the Sexy Solutions contest!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and it was all I could do to contain my excitement. I had to wait until after the meeting, to run upstairs and visit Nuffnang, the co-sponsor of the contest, to see that it was true! My entry won the grand prize!

I can’t tell you what this means to me.

It means that I stand a realistic chance of getting the right information to help me reach my fitness goals.

It means I have access to three types of non-invasive procedures to help me deal with problem areas.

Above all, it means that I stand to gain a better quality of life.

Sexy Solutions by Belo has given me the very real possibility of starting and maintaining a long-lasting fitness lifestyle.

Of course, this doesn’t come easy and I’m going to have to be accountable with all y’all, but I’m so encouraged by my winning this contest because let’s face it, we all need a little help!

I won:

  • 1 session Lipo Cavitation
  • 3 sessions Multi Firm
  • 3 sessions Body Sculpt
  • Consultation from Belo Medical Group’s In-Store Consultant & Fitness Expert Edward Mendez.
  • Lipo Diet & Maintenance Diet Plans & a Training System
  • Plus,  PHP10,000 worth of Gift Certificates from ZARA

I’m really looking forward to this. New body and new lifestyle for me, and new wardrobe for Caths! It doesn’t get better than this!

God is so incredibly good!

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