Secret has new “Shake” game on iTunes!

I am so excited!

Secret, my favorite Korean girl group, has launched its new “Shake” app on iTunes, courtesy of douub, the group behind the Musician SHAKE series that includes “Super Junior SHAKE,” winner of Mashable’s Best Mobile Game of the Year for 2011, beating out Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. To date, douub has produced SHAKE projects for many K-Pop artists, including Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and IU.

“Secret SHAKE” features many of the iconic girl group’s hit songs, including Madonna, Love is Move, Starlight Moonlight, Magic, and its number one hit, Shy Boy. The game also features the card deck system that has made douub’s Musician SHAKE project immensely successful; the card deck system allows gamers to put their cards together to get higher scores or earn new game cards.

“Secret SHAKE” is also the first Musician SHAKE game to utilize the SHAKE MODE in addition to its TAP MODE. TAP MODE employs the traditional tapping style of rhythm action game; the SHAKE MODE allows the user to provide a DJ scratching-style play. An additional MAKE NOTE MODE enables users to play limitless contents by creating their original notes.

Of course, I don’t have an iPhone, but my wife has an iPad, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be telling her to download this app POST-HASTE. I can’t wait to play this game! Secret hwaiting!!

Visit Secret SHAKE on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation or remuneration from Secret, douub, or TS Entertainment for this blog entry. It is written purely as a fan using information from douub.

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