CBN Asia partners with Ganns for music column

I am so excited to share this news with you!

It’s my pleasure to tell you that Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Asia, the amazing ministry behind The 700 Club and other phenomenal programs and activities geared towards helping grow Filipino families deeper in their relationships with Jesus, has offered me an amazing opportunity to write a music column for them!

Since 2007, has been bringing you the latest and best in Christian music, and this partnership will enable me to bring that music to a greater and wider audience. I look forward to working with the awesome men and women of CBN Asia – I’ve done volunteer work in collaboration with one of their former editors, but that was the full extent of the work – and I also look forward to bringing more God-glorifying music into the homes of Filipino-Christian families everywhere. Music has always been my passion, and it is a double pleasure to be able to write about Christian music.

To my new family at CBN Asia, thank you for your warm welcome and for the opportunity. To my new readers, it is my prayer that I may serve you the best music to serve as soundtrack to your faith walk. And ultimately, to God, from Whom all good things come and through Whom I can do anything, may Your Name be glorified in this newest endeavor. Your fingerprints are all over this latest blessing. Thank You for using me in this capacity.

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