Ganns Likes: Dakasi Philippines

Earlier today, I passed by Dakasi Annapolis Carpark to pick up a drink for Caths, who was feeling thirsty after a delicious but clearly unsatisfying snack at Potdog. It was my first time there, although I’d driven by the Banawe branch often, and I found the place rather pretty.

Brightly lit in bright yellow. I felt like Sunshine Bear.

A few stools, and the yellow star that seems to be Dakasi’s trademark.

The menu had quite a selection, ranging from several milk teas to a variety of yakult drinks, water-based drinks, and even a few shakes.

I asked the fellow at the counter what the bestseller was. He told me it was the Dekasi Bubble Milk Tea. I ordered one of those for the wifey. It cost around Php90, I think, for the smaller sized one. I ordered that, along with a chocolate pudding cereal drink (water-based, the fellow insisted, and I told him thrice that I wanted it anyway), and a Yakult honey leaf (was it a honey leaf? It was some kind of leaf) tea drink.

The bubble milk tea, the Yakult leaf tea, and the chocolate pudding tea.

Our thoughts?

Caths thought the Dakasi bubble milk tea was amazing. I tried it and it really was! Rich and creamy, really delicious. She didn’t like the bubbles (sago) so much, but I thought it was all right, it gave some texture to the rich goodness of the tea. We were surprised at how good this drink was.

The Yakult drink was also pretty good. Just the right mixture of tartness and sweetness, and there was a nice little froth at the top that was nice to sip.

I gave the chocolate pudding cereal drink to the kids, and Nicki took to it more than Nathan, who said it was a little bland. When I told him it was water-based, he said, “well, that explains it,” and asked to swap his drink with mine. I had no problem with that, and had the chocolate pudding drink. He was right, it wasn’t very sweet – especially if you’re coming from the delicious goodness of the bubble milk tea – but then again, perhaps that’s a good thing, because too much sugar really isn’t good for you.

Will we return? You betcha! But there’s a good chance we may do it at the Banawe branch because 1) we’re only in Greenhills on Sundays, and 2) I wasn’t particularly impressed with the service. I like my servers a little friendlier, and I tried my best for small talk with the folks there, and while they were friendly enough, when you compare them to my friends – FRIENDS! – at Jamba Juice, well, there isn’t much contest. The drinks, however, are well worth the price and will keep us coming back.

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