Ganns Likes: the new “Monopoly Deal” from Hasbro

For the past few weeks, my family and I have been playing Monopoly Deal. It’s a refurbished card version of the original board game.

Monopoly Deal is significantly more different from the board game. For one thing, we can play it anytime and anywhere. Unlike the board game, which has many parts you can lose, and needs a relatively large playing area, with Monopoly Deal, you can play anywhere, even in the car or on a plane, or something.

For another thing, Monopoly Deal is totally unpredictable! Game play can change so fast, that you might think you’re winning, and then in one turn, your round is totally wiped out! That happened to me a few hours ago, when I was a card away from winning, and then one of the players, my 14-year-old nephew John, stole a whole set away from me! Suddenly, I had nothing left!

This blog entry isn’t going to explain how to play Monopoly Deal, because frankly, it takes a couple of games to really understand how it works, but when you get the hang of it, oh my goodness, it’s hours and hours of fun! My family and I really enjoy playing it together, and it brings us closer except in times of severe gameplay, when tempers can run high and relationships can be ruined for life! Hahahaha!

My friend Raft3r played with us once, and he called us a couple of “Christian monsters!”

Say what you will, but Monopoly Deal is a lot of fun, and it can teach us a lot of things, like how to strategize, how to budget properly, even how to put on a proper poker face! If you get a chance, do get a Monopoly Deal deck – the regular one retails for around Php350 – and give it a shot. I and many others like me will attest to the fun and unpredictability brought about by this intensely fun card game.

The Deens playing Monopoly Deal. Note Nathan’s rather sour expression.

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