U-KISS, “Doradora”

Korean idol group U-KISS (Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star, seriously) has released Doradora, the carrier single off its sixth mini-album. Under Marcan Entertainment and producer Ryan Jhun, the boys have released a track that keeps in sync with Nevermind, its most recent hit and musical breakaway from the sound the group created with initial producer Brave Brothers.

Me, I liked the Bravesound, so to speak. Some K-Pop writers think this new musical direction sets them apart from the other Korean boy bands – dime a dozen now, apparently – but this style isn’t working for me. I liked Neverland okay, but I still feel U-KISS had its best days with Bingeul Bingeul and Man Man Hani; I don’t think that sound was generic at all, and I think those songs were a lot more radio friendly.

(And what is UP with that album cover? I know their name is U-KISS, but a pair of female lips on an idol group’s album cover? Really? I disagree so much. The disco feel, the choice of fonts, the colors… no no no.)

The Doradora MV also doesn’t impress me much. It’s a bit unfortunate that the whole black-light video thing – the lights go out and the boys’ shirts glow – flies directly in the face of the new video from fellow Korean idol FCUZ, which is doing a similar concept. What are the odds?! At any rate, reviewers seem to think that Doradora may be the boys’ ticket to a #1 song – which has eluded the boys to date – and I really do hope they do go to #1, but I wouldn’t be one of those voting for Doradora. (And the reason why that is so is because 1. I can’t vote; and 2. If I could, I’d be going all out for B.A.P.)

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