Super Junior, “Opera” PV (Preview Video)

Korean Hallyu group Super Junior has released a preview video (PV) for its second Japanese single, Opera. Was surprised that Opera was the chosen single, but the video certainly makes up for it, especially given the iffy quality of the videos of Bonamana, Mr. Simple, and A Cha. At least there are some special effects here, and some thought put into their costumes, and the HD quality is much better than previously shown during the past few vids. Some thoughts on the boys’ looks:

Donghae’s hair is back! Yay! My wife rejoices because SexyFishy’s mojo is back. LOL

Siwon is all over the first 20 seconds of this video. Is he the most popular SuJu member in Japan? He’s all over the first 25 seconds of the video. And his cheeks seem to be filling out. Is he gaining weight? (Which is not a bad thing.)

Sungmin has really come out of his shell; he looks great, as do Leeteuk, Eunhyuk (the tear face art is a wee bit much, but whatevs), and Kyuhyun. Pity poor Shindong; the video is 2:17 long, and his first solo shot is at 1:56! And poor Yesung, who’s lost a lot of weight and looks great, but hasn’t been given much screen time here.

And as always, Ryeowook is fierce fierce fierce. (Despite his first solo shot at 0.52.) Loving the hair and the overall look; it appears that SM Entertainment is working overtime to increase Wookie’s namja factor.


Overall, a fierce video for a song that didn’t quite grab me when I first heard it. The video certainly will make me like the song more.

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