K-Pop Ring Tones: CN Blue, “Hey You”

CN Blue’s Hey You is one of the most popular songs right now, so I thought, this deserves to be made into a K-Pop ring tone! So using Audacity, I’ve created two KPop ringtones for your pleasure. The first ringtone uses the chorus as its backbone; the second one uses Yonghwa’s scat as its backbone. Both would be great as a K-Pop ring tone for calls, not SMS.

[audio:http://www.gannsdeen.com/ringtones/Hey You Ringtone 1.mp3]
Download here: CN Blue Hey You Ringtone 1

[audio:http://www.gannsdeen.com/ringtones/Hey You Ringtone 2.mp3]
Download here: CN Blue Hey You Ringtone 2

Update: Click here to download the CN Blue Oetoriya ring tone!

Wanna request a free K-Pop ringtone? Leave a comment below!

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