B1A4, “Baby I’m Sorry”

Korean boy band B1A4, who scored the #1 secular hit of the year last year on my personal Top 10 with Beautiful Target, has made a comeback with Baby I’m Sorry, the first single off its first full-length album, Ignition. Frankly, it’s not as catchy as some of B1A4’s previous carrier singles, which include the especially irresistible Beautiful Target and the radio-friendly debut single OK Go. On the bright side, lead singer Jinyoung wrote the song – which may explain the rather odd chorus line Baby I’m sorry, we got the better, which would not have passed the strict standards of 2nd grade English – but we can only wish we could write songs in other languages, so props to Jinyoung and yay for B1A4 for attempting to break out of its cutesy tootsy mold.

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