K-Pop Ring Tones: Trouble Maker, “Troublemaker”

Concept duo Troublemaker, composed of 4minute’s Hyuna and B2ST’s Hyunseung, had a #1 hit with the song whose title bears the duo’s name. Troublemaker was a big hit for many reasons, among which were the catchy whistle intro and the raunchy video. I like the song, so I made two K-Pop ringtones out of it, both of which were edited on Audacity. (As always, please support Trouble Maker by buying the mp3s legally on your favorite digital downloading website of choice.)

[audio:http://gannsdeen.com/ringtones/Fantastic Baby Long.mp3]
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker Ringtone – Long (28 seconds)

[audio:http://gannsdeen.com/ringtones/Fantastic Trouble Maker Whistle.mp3]
Trouble Maker Trouble Maker Ringtone – Whistle Only (20 seconds)

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