Ganns’ Year-end Top 10s for 2011

At some point in 2011, my Top 10 kinda went offline because my laptop crashed and took the Top 10 with it. After that, it was pretty much to my iTunes to determine what songs should go to #1. Having said all that, this is my personal Top 10 for the year 2011, divided into Christian and Secular (Top 40). Just sharing. (^^,)

1. Stronger. Mandisa
2. Good Morning. Mandisa
3. Suitcases. Dara MacLean
4. Make a Move. Royal Tailor
5. Hanging On. Britt Nicole
6. God Is Still God. Heather Williams
7. Hold Me Together. Royal Tailor
8. Hold Me. Jamie Grace feat TobyMac
9. Strong Enough. Matthew West
10. Blessings. Laura Story

No surprise here, Mandisa romps away with the Top two slots on the year-end Top 10, with Stronger edging out Good Morning. The real surprise is Royal Tailor, which has two songs in the final Top 10, a strong finish for both Make A Move and Hold Me Together. Overall, these songs cap what I felt was a weak year in Christian music, with no songs coming out that were particularly groundbreaking or attaching themselves to my brain in an emotional and spiritual way.

1. Beautiful Target. B1A4
2. Pinocchio. f(x)
3. Love is Move. Secret
4. Sixth Sense. Brown-Eyed Girls
5. I Am The Best. 2NE1
6. You Know. Piggy Dolls
7. The Boys. Girls’ Generation
8. Don’t Go Home. GD & Top
9. Going Crazy. Song Jieun featuring Bang Yong Guk
10. Be My Baby. Wonder Girls

As you can see, every song on my 2011 secular chart Top 10 is a K-Pop song. That’s really quite impressive, considering I don’t understand a single word they’re saying. (That’s a joke. I have translations.) But yeah, it’s the dominant year of K-Pop on my personal chart, which tells me I really should start featuring more K-Pop on my website because it’s what I seem to be listening to a lot nowadays. Honorable mentions for the year, however, do go to five topnotch (English) songs that just didn’t have enough space on this chart’s Top 10: Adele’s brilliant Rolling in the Deep, David Cook’s woefully underappreciated The Last Goodbye, Beyonce’s amazing old-school throwback Love On Top, Fantasia’s delightful Collard Greens and Cornbread, and Maroon 5/Christina Aguilera’s Moves Like Jagger.

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