The Great Transparency, “Rebuild Your Love”

Contemporary Christian rock band The Great Transparency has released the anthemic Rebuild Your Love as the carrier single to its new studio EP of the same title. Rebuild Your Love (Razzbarry Records) is an instantly catchy rock song, with powerful guitars, nontraditional drum beats – several tempo changes, and yet solid! – and solid bass lines, plus an irresistible “Oh-oh-oh!” singalong track that will work well from churches to stadiums across the United States. (Sounds like something I might have heard from Hillsong United, but I can’t put my finger on it. But all rock bands need that powerful singalong song, and Rebuild Your Love‘s “Oh-oh-oh!” is now stuck in my head! Mark of a #1 song!

The Great Transparency has come to my attention only now, which tells me I really need to get more immersed in the Christian indie rock scene in the USA. Miah, Jameson, and Tommy have toured with Eleventyseven, Manic Drive, Satellites & Sirens, and White Collar Sideshow; they’ve been at shows with artists like Kutless, Kevin Max, Superchik, Disciple, Decemberadio, Code of Ethics, Sherwood, Stellar Kart, Fireflight, and Thousand Foot Krutch, so they’re cool beans.

So The Great Transparency is worth listening to. But don’t take my word for it; Rebuild Your Love is now #3 on Radio and Records’ Christian Rock National Airplay chart in only its eighth week, the youngest song in the top three (#1 track Back to the Basics by Run Kid Run is 16 weeks old; #2 track Our Love Saves Us by Blindside is 13 weeks old), which bodes well for the Columbus, OH rockers. Manafest, however, is lurking outside, moving 7-4 with Bring the Ruckus, and that track is in its sixth week, and they have the marketing muscle of Tooth and Nail. However, I am confident Rebuild Your Love will continue to rise up the charts – a #1 finish is not too unbelievable, because it is a great song. I’ll be singing the “Oh-oh-oh” singalong for days. Gah.

Note: You can download the digital version of Rebuild Your Love EP on iTunes or order the CD here.

The Great Transparency Rebuild Your Love teaser

The Great Transparency Rebuild Your Love breakdown

The Great Transparency

My world has been turned upside down
And as I look up from the ground
I see stars, such beautiful stars
And something else

Every word I’ve ever said
Is tailor made to cut the thread
My tongue will slice until there is
Nothing left

All we are
And all we ever hope to be
Lost so long but not yet found
Why don’t we just believe?
Rebuild your love
Rebuild your love
Rebuild your love with me

Oh oh oh

It is well but only for a time
You can tell that everything’s alright
Until you look into my eyes

So alone, you feel
That there’s nothing real
Your frustration has replaced
All your love

Patience, kindness, and understanding
True compassion is never ending
All you need is love is just
One more line

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