Ganns to host Christian music radio show

Friends, I am very excited about this latest news. As you know, brings you the latest and best in new Christian radio singles. Recently, I was blessed when approached by one of the country’s leading Christian pop culture advocates, who asked me if I would be interested in hosting a four-hour Christian music radio show on one of Metro Manila’s leading radio stations.

Now to those of you who mayn’t know me, back in 1998, I was a DJ on a struggling Metro Manila radio station. Aside from holding down the afternoon slot, I hosted their mega-long five hour countdown show, which counted down 50 SONGS every week. I also had my own show, “The Urban Jungle,” which aired R&B songs. I was known as Professor Dean (“the Dean of all professors”). No kidding. After about a year, I left that station because I felt I wanted to focus on teaching (I was a teacher at two leading Philippine colleges at the time). But the love for music never left, and after I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ, it was clear that I wanted to do something with Christian music.

In 2009, I decided to restructure my blog to cater exclusively to Christian music. I told myself, if I wanted to be known for something online, I’d want it to be Christian pop culture, and especially Christian music, bringing new Christian music to Filipino Christians. About 90% of my listeners come from the United States – ironic, isn’t it? – but I still had good numbers, and more and more Filipinos were following for the new music coming out on a daily basis. I kept this up for two years.

Now recently, an opportunity has presented itself for me to host this show. It will not be easy, but the love of Christian music is really what motivates me to do this, so I’ve decided to take it on. For the meantime, I have not identified the name of the show, the radio station it’s on, and the on-air nickname they’re giving me – apparently, I can’t use my real name, which is a shame, would’ve been good for my personal branding – until I get permission, but once I get all that info, I promise to update you.

I am very excited about this. I hope this’ll be just the beginning of greater things to come. Thank You, Lord!

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