Wayne, “Delilah”

Contemporary Christian rapper Wayne is putting a new push behind his 2009 release Delilah, off his CD Maturity (available on iTunes and CDBaby.com, among other independent digital retailers). A mid-tempo praise jam with a catchy bass line and a solid synth foundation, Delilah is also a thoughtfully written track whose lyrics compare the pleasures of the world to the Biblical temptress Delilah, who eventually became the undoing of famous strongman and God’s champion Samson (Judges 13-16), and how we need to rely on God to combat the wiles of Delilah. The quality of Wayne’s rap is clear – you can understand every word that’s coming outta his mouth, which is a great thing for a Christian rapper; it’s so important that we are able to communicate something that our listeners can understand. No word of whether or not Delilah is picking up at Christian CHR, Christian Urban, or Gospel, but regardless of chart performance, I think Wayne’s Delilah is worth a listen or two (or fifteen) for the Christian looking for a more relaxed R&B Christian jam. Don’t let the production value fool you; God can and will speak to you strongly through Delilah.

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