Secret, “Starlight Moonlight”

Korean girl group Secret is back with a new single! Starlight Moonlight is the carrier song of the girl group’s third mini-album of the same title. Secret, who scored an all-kill #1 hit a few months with Shy Boy, returns to the retro sound of that single, bringing in a bit of the folksy to come up with a song that is decidedly different from many other songs currently invading K-Pop shores. Personally, I love Secret, and I love lead vocalist Song Ji Eun, who is the hottest woman in K-Pop today, but I confess I didn’t like Shy Boy initially, and the way I feel about Starlight Moonlight is basic ambivalence right now. I think it’ll grow on me like Shy Boy did, but I’m not very confident about its chances to score the girls another #1 hit along the same vein. Here’s hoping for some more Madonna-esque music at their next go-around.

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