Divo-ted to making music

While I work for a church in Greenhills for a living, I am Divo-ted to making music. I am a Christian songwriter. I wrote my first song when I was 12 years old, penning a cheesy little ditty called Fly Through Love, brought about by a prepubescent fascination with Deborah “Debbie” Gibson. Since then, I’ve written and arranged many songs, most of which were for God, but inspired by a wide range of secular artists, from R&B artists like Boyz II Men and Usher, to pop stars like Jason Mraz and Michael Buble. With God’s help, I even won a national songwriting competition – the Kerygma Songwriting Competition – and had my work interpreted by artists like Teri Sambajon (formerly of Vanna Vanna/FOJ) and Jose “Quest” Villanueva III. All on the fly, nothing full-time. Through it all, though, I’ve muddled by all my work using whatever earphones I had at the time. In this particular season, I’m getting by with a standard set of iPod earphones and my laptop’s built-in speakers.

It has happened on many occasions that the demo for a song I’ve written, which sounded great on my earphones, totally felt apart on the laptop’s unfortunately-inadequate-for-public-use speakers. In the past, I’ve had CD-R King, Genius, and Altec Lansing speakers, but they’ve all – inevitably – let me down.

Witness, to wit, the quality of my laptop’s built-in speakers on a remix I worked on for Raissa Laurel’s speech at the recently concluded Ignite Lifebox Conference.

[zdvideo width=”x” height=”x”]http://www.gannsdeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/raissa.mp4[/zdvideo]

I was going for a Rihanna meets Nicki Minaj feel with this, but I had no idea what it would sound like on a larger setup, because the built-in speakers of the laptop couldn’t give me the kind of pure bass sound I was trying to get. The Ignite organizers blasted this, along with four other remixes (you can listen to them all here), on the Cuneta AstroDome sound system. I had no idea what my remixes sounded like.


Enter Divoom. The quality of its unique Divo desktop speaker will run circles around my laptop’s built-in speakers. Its crystal-clear sound, courtesy of two 1.5″-high excursion satellites, will ensure I will be able to hear every high hat tssst! and every sparking note of the synths I use for the songs I write. Its 100mm long-throw sub-woofer will ensure I can clarify every deep bass THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! I make for every remix I create. Its 20w output will ensure the pastors will realize their preaching volume is too loud. lol With total RMS power of five watts, a frequency response of 40Hz – 20Hz, and a signal-to-noise ratio that is greater than 80 decibels, I think the Divoom Divo pretty much sets the standard in desktop sound system technology.

Truth be told – and I’m pretty sure God will deal with the vanity in my heart – how can you resist this?! Look at it! It’s so sleek!

Absolutely gorgeous! Frankly, this black Divoom Divo makes me drool. (It also comes in red, white, and green.) At almost nine inches high and seven inches wide, it’s compact enough to fit well into the church office’s color scheme. And while sense control is certainly the cherry on the sundae, I can’t help but stare at its unconventional design! It’s so beautiful, I’m going to have to repent!

Unbox, the only Filipino website that takes awesome out of the box – I should copyright that – is now sponsoring a Divo giveaway bloggers’ contest to which this is my entry. Here’s hoping I make it. In case I don’t, well, truth is, I’m Divo-ted to God, Divo-ted to my work, and Divo-ted to making music, that inferior speakers won’t stop me regardless. Here’s hoping that the lovely folks over at Unbox and Divoom Philippines will allow me to continue to do in style.”

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