Jeremy Horn, “Only God Who Saves”

Worship leader and Ardent/INO Records artist Jeremy Horn has released Only God Who Saves, off his new album, Sound of the Broken. Horn, who hails from Memphis, Tennessee, is known for his radio-friendly church anthems that tackle decidedly more complex themes away from which most Contemporary Christian music tends to stray. As a worship leader of a multicultural church whose population is more than 50% Afro-American, he is challenged on a regular basis to come up with songs that speak to a broader spectrum of society that doesn’t think about God on a regular basis. Leading worship in an environment like Memphis isn’t easy, but Horn manages it with aplomb and a solid reliance on God.

The Jeremy Jorn’s Only God Who Saves video I’m embedding here talks about the story behind the song; as soon as Only God Who Saves becomes available on iTunes or is streamed on YouTube, you can betcha bite a chip that I will make it available for streaming here. Only God Who Saves is marked as an Impacting Song this week on Radio and Records.

Only God Who Saves by Jeremy Horn

(Update: Thanks to the lovely folks at Ardent, who brought the Soundcloud update to my atention. Glad you’ve updated Jeremy’s site; last time I swung by, it needed an update. Cheers!)

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