The winners are…

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who joined our Planetshakers contest tie-up with Becca Music Inc and House of Praise.

Here‘s the screengrab of all the entries, and the screengrab of the list randomizer that had the top four names as winners.

When we went to visit their pages, we found that three of the top four names did not quite follow the rules of the contest; they unfortunately didn’t place a status message on their FB pages that tagged the contest sponsors’ pages.

We further found out that only four people actually tagged the contest sponsors: Jenny Pescasio, Nino Tigolo, Jamaica Satana, and Lance Fernandez, who was one of the four selected by the Randomizer. How convenient: only four.

So we are awarding the Planetshakers CD and three ticket bundles to Jenny, Nino, Jamaica, and Lance! Congratulations to the four of you!

However, the other three randomly selected winners needn’t feel bad. Daniel Parrocho, Majoy Puertos, and Mylene Obenita will also receive two tickets each to Planetshakers! Congratulations!

Contest winners, please send me a Facebook message with your email address. I’ll send you an email, which you need to print out and bring to Becca Music Inc.’s offices at Unit 2008, Prestige Tower F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, on or after March 7, 2011. Bring a valid ID and look for Najee.

Thank you, Becca Music Inc and House of Praise, for making this contest possible and helping bring one of the world’s greatest praise and worship bands to Manila. Stick around, because I’ll be announcing the next giveaway by the end of the week. God bless, everybody!

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